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monkey business

Spring had been in the air, but the rains brought the grey skies with them today.  Therefore, I have decided to share something that made me smile earlier this week.  For those not in the know of my calendar, twas the birthday of my dear sister, whose age I shall not mention.  Amongst lots of wishes and treats,  she received this novel card,

If you look carefully the monkey count represents her age (whoops!).  What makes it even more special is that it was made by some friends, who create all kinds of whimsical and imaginative stationery.  I have seen some of their stuff before, but now it seems you will have access to their impressive collection of images, as they will soon be launching a site.

As far as I’m concerned, and I’m pretty sure their are many like me, who have had enough of plain, clip art style, mundane stationery. Their refreshing designs are the perfect antidote and I wish them  best of luck and much success.


remembrance haiku

Seven years ago

Must get back to normal soon

Immensely miss you

barbie to the rescue?

The profession I aspire to is under threat.  According to a recent study by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), in 2025 the title itself, that of architect, could become obsolete.

The report indicates there will be no middle ground in terms of the size of practices, sounding the death knell for the medium sized office.  Small localised firms would cover private work and restoration projects, whereas on the other extreme large international studios would work on more commercial terms, meaning taller skyscrapers, expanding shopping malls and future urban developments. The growth in construction investment will as always go hand in hand with economic means.  This certainly seems to be the case in the United Kingdom with more cost cutting, but for growing economies like China development goes full steam ahead.

It is with these kind of facts that some speculate the role of architects could be cheapened to “creative consultant.”  However, the romanticised role of architect as the all encompassing intellectual does still have a universal appeal and a practical necessity.

Further romanticised in about every other rom-com style movie I see is the occupation of the architect. Hollywood star Brad Pitt having ambitions on a career and having also worked alongside Frank Gehry. Justin Bieber is the latest to remark his ideal job as an architect, leading to a possible surge in teenage girls applying to architecture courses.

With this in mind, I read last week about Architect Barbie.  Perhaps she will save the endangered species of the architect.

robbery at the bridge

The title says it all.  Three or fouls on Nani by Luiz and Ivanovic.  Add Hernandez and Rooney to Luiz’ hitlist and the guy should have been sent off.  Fair enough, he scored, but after that he should be off.

Yes, I admit it, he is a great player, best on their, imaginatively named side, the Blues.  So it goes without saying I’d love him to be off the pitch.  Actually, how in the hell does a real talent actually play for them (who you may notice I refuse to mention by name for fear of catching some malady).  Either way, he could have been sent off before his goal, but most definitely after.

Zhirkov dragged his leg over Smalling’s and Martin Atkinson obliged without fail of course.  Game over and indiscipline got Vidic sent off.

Three seasons in a row more than questionable decisions have favoured them.  Then their fans act as if they have won the World Cup.  I think Fergie summed it up best, “Chelsea aren’t out of the title race if they keep getting decisions like that.”

I have no qualms losing to a superior team, but to lose in such a manner against a team that is not superior grates.  Still is……….to be a football fan