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best ever…

ok so this is if your london based, but if this company grows, and i have a sneaky feeling it may, be sure to remember where you discovered them.

for your information the ice creams are delicious and for my own benefit i went for 2 scoops, pistachio and chocolate….can’t wait to go back!


justice at the bridge

It was almost the time when I had given hope on the law of averages , when they finally came back. However, I’ve long since lost faith with those laws when it comes to football.

New money, which I shall refer to them as lost out to the superior team, Manchester United.  Manchester United play football, new money have assembled, no doubt a fine team, but athletes not footballers.  Then again, that’s for another time, another post.

To the finer points, Michael Carrick and not Wayne Rooney was the catalyst for this victory.  Carrick played immensely well and an unbelievable pass for the goal that set Giggs away to set up Rooney.  Most the tabloids and in fact many United fans fail to ever see the quality of Carrick, but he shielded the defence amazingly well last night and distributed the ball efficiently.  Competition for him comes from Rio Ferdinand, whom after 2 months out, slotted back into defence perfectly.  Granted Torres and Drogba had sniffs, but Ferdinand and Vidic coped with vital interceptions and blocks.  Giggs, Park and Valencia also should be noted for their roles of buzzing around the opposition.  Extra marks for Giggs for nutmegging Lampard and Valencia for switching to right back and still managing to menace down the right flank.

Formalities out the way.  It could have been a penalty, but karma is a bitch.  Zhirkov dived in the Premiership game a month ago, and the gods deemed it sufficient enough not to award a penalty this time.  Though, in my opinion, biased as it is, at the point of contact, Evra had already been outmuscled to the ball and was flying in the air.  Watch the replay, it was a 50-50 and like Fergie said, “we deserved some luck in seven years.”  Anyway, the referee had a good game, unlike the sorry excuse for an official Martin Atkinson. Being from Leeds, what did you expect, but a foreign referee was able to judge without prejudice and the better team deservedly won on the night.

To quote Rooney, “fucking what?!”