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Architecture vs. Floods

These are some sketches from an unfinished project that I shall be revisiting.  Positioned along the River Thames, it is to be an auction house that would be able to respond to an emergency situation should London ever become flooded.  With rising temperatures as well as sea levels, the risk of this has heightened greatly, along with other factors that have inspired Armageddon style movies contemplating a bleak future.

Designed as a pavilion sitting daintily on the river’s edge, the section of building on the water would spring into action if ever the floods came with the help of hydraulic pump stilts.

Maybe Lord Foster’s plans for a new flood defence system (as well as the overall proposal)  in Foster and Partners scheme for a Thames estuary airport are not such a bad idea, if figures are to be believed.


Not quite the spanish steps!

I will become an architect and my soft spot are stairs, staircases, steps….well you get the idea!

So when I saw these above I was open mouthed and close to dribbling!  This bespoke set of stairs are made by Five Twenty Two Industries.   I am in love with the customised balustrade made of cross sectioned tubes and pipes. I approve this playful design in the ever enlarging world of Ikea flat packs!

hear them roar!

So Christmas is upon us again and for those that hate the whole fanfare with supermarkets advertising ever earlier it can be a stressful time. Last minute buying presents, wrapping hastily and then there is the hassle of writing all those cards to maintain the social etiquette of such an austere holiday season, though let’s remember it is the day of Christ’s birth.

With Christmas comes New Year’s celebrations, making a whole week of festivities to end the year, which in turn means lots of parties to attend and organise or just indulge in.  The thing I find funny is what my parents and I suppose many others would do.  Sure, they’d send out Christmas cards to all friends and family, but if they got a card from an unexpected somebody not on their list, they’d have to hurry to send one back, even be it on Christmas eve!

It was always a struggle to find Christmas cards that did not look tacky and cheap, yet considered, affordable and pretty, but most of all unique, so that you didn’t send out the same one you received from anybody!

So it brings me extreme pleasure to present to you something that I mentioned in a previous post.  My friends have finally got online with their personalised stationery site – perfect for sending out hand drawn invitations and thank you’s over the festive season!  What is even more impressive is the Santa illustration and the snowman for their selection of Christmas cards, a must see if you don’t believe me.  I will certainly be sending out a few of these with their whimsical designs, I think they’re the perfect antidote to the garish, mass produced dross you see around nowadays.