I have never been to a game of my local football side.  This guy has.

This is not to say I am not a fan of football, because this could not be further from the truth.  Football is my passion, I feel more comfortable in my skin on a football pitch then socialising or writing a post on a blog!

It’s one thing to not really support or follow your local team and follow some bigger sharks (this is what I do, but for more wholesome reasons, which involve bitterness – maybe one day I’ll share that in a post!), but it is something else to fork out for a season ticket.  I just don’t get these people.  Maybe it is because I have always been a more active participant in the sport rather than watching others.  I do follow on the television of course, but there I pay nothing.  Why should I pay for these guys’ wages, when half the time, many are the exact characters I’d despise on a night out and that having actually seen some of the top stars play, I do believe I could do a better job.  Yes, I am very serious and I did play to a high level once.

Anyway, that’s my bitterness creeping out……I was always taught on the logic of why pay to watch, when you can play for free or the notion that when you can no longer play the game, you’ll have enough time to watch the games.  I understand some have the love of being a spectator, in the stand and taking in the atmosphere, so the season ticket holders at the big boys’ grounds I can let go.  This guy spends a fortune though, to watch some crappy riverside town football club with no skill or guile.  He travels from so far to watch in the most awful terraces, when on his doorstep he has the Old Lady, Juventus.  It’s like the Englishmen who have got so sick of the high prices at Premiership games that they travel to watch Bundesliga games by car and still it is cheaper for them.  But for them it is cheaper, and I assume this is not the cheapest option for this Italian!


In other news, if you’re looking for personalised stationery, you may remember some friends of mine from a previous post with the birthday card, well, their site is gearing up to go online pretty soon now.  It’s a nerve jangling time for them right now, but I wish them all the best and much success!