Stuck for ideas this Christmas?

Apart from deliberating between a new Christmas toy (Android vs. iOS in my case!), I found this really amusing this afternoon.

As the high streets around the country become more and more crowded  as each weekend approaches, my head becomes increasingly manic with thoughts and ideas for loved ones.  Walking down Oxford Street at any weekend can be nerve wracking as you pigeon step between the crowds, let alone when Christmas is looming!

Before all of that, you have to decide what to get and for who!  Internet shopping has certainly provided some alternative to entering the nightmare of a high street, but even that can drive you insane with endless choices.  Indeed, I have been utilising the interweb to search high and low for extra special gifts for my loved one, but heck is it tough!  The stress alone at this time of year, I’d like to see the stats for people admitted to A&E for high blood pressure!

Maybe a flowchart will help us all out in the holiday season or at least prevent us getting admitted and provide some much needed light relief!

P.S. What should I go for Android or iPhone?  It’s driving me insane!